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Welcome to the KULIK-SYSTEM, the company which developed from the Manual Therapy Clinic of Mr. Eugeniusz Kulik, outstanding chiropractor with profound professional knowledge and experience. Tens of thousands of patients who trusted Mr. Kulik's skills now live without pain and suffering. Their experiences, letters, and opinions have led us to create innovative KULIK-SYSTEM rehabilitation products which go far beyond the so-far medical achievements.

The system was invented and developed by Eugeniusz Kulik, chiropractor, founder and proprietor of the company. The word "system" has not been used incidentally. Though currently only a few products of the system can be viewed on our site, shortly new ones will be introduced and our offer will be extended significantly. Mr. Kulik's name was used intentionally, as it was his knowledge, skill and chiropractor's experience that led to the development of the system. Mr Kulik's inventions are highly valued by people with spinal problems as well as experts and leading representatives of medical profession. KULIK-SYSTEM is a sole distributor of the products, which, in order to ensure high, unchangeable quality have all been covered with a patent. Due to unique design, functionality, quality and beneficial effects they have on human spine, for several years now KULIK-SYSTEM products have been associated with reliability and comfort and, in many cases, with the return to normal, healthy life.

KULIK-SYSTEM systematically expands the network of its friends and supporters, among them satisfied clients and patients, business partners and KULIK-SYSTEM followers who popularize the products and product-bound therapy in Poland and abroad through mass media and social channels. Positive opinion on the product by prominent representatives of various fields of medical science as well as companies and institutions that have tested our products fully confirm the reliability of the company.

Having become increasingly recognized as a trade partner on Polish and international markets, our company invites everybody to join efforts and create a new, healthy and pain - free life with the KULIK-SYSTEM products. We hope that you will not remain indifferent to the ever increasing number of people suffering from spinal disorders, who, to ease their suffering, are becoming more and more addicted to painkillers.
We invite you to cooperation.

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